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Revenge is like a ghost. It takes over every man it touches. It's thirst cannot be quenched, until the last man standing has fallen.
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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Klan only for 15 and up. No lil bitches or drama fools!
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IDEMENTIAI   Yo Hypno when you get time and if you want to for that matter, could you do me an intro? I will get you the info if you wanna do it.
IDEMENTIAI   Oh and take your time if you decide to do it, I'm not in any hurry to get it done
xxHypnotic818xx   Gimme all the Info bro :) I got all the time till the 21st :p
xxHypnotic818xx   Also. Exploding Letters, Falling Letters, Or everything on the ground?
iiTHEiiDOCii   Just saw you replied. My bad. This site is dead now so I don't check it often.

Top Plays 1, 2, etc. is fine. And r/RedditCasual!
xxHypnotic818xx   I know it is. If ya got FB add me "James Palomino". Alrite I'll start finishing it up tday :)
xxHypnotic818xx   Watcha guys think?
Delegates of War's Intro(DoW)(MRK4)
Well I decide to make my very first intro using Cinema 4D. W...
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iiTHEiiDOCii   Pretty sweet, man. Taking requests yet? Lol. Starting a top plays series for my clan.
Markailz   I like i like.
xxHypnotic818xx   Gimme what you want Doc lol. I can work on it. Just gimme the colors. This one is only 4 secs long. But if I put into Sony Vegas and Slow it down I can make it like 7 or 8 ;P
xxHypnotic818xx   I'm offically resiging from AoD. Just to much drama and everyone acting like lil kids and shit. Its fukin sad. We are all grown ass men here and shit and we are acting like a bunch of 10 year olds. I loved AoD. Dub, Mav, Mag, Loyal and some others are legit ass ppl but others jus cry like bitchs. SMH I hope you guys have fun and game it out!
xxHypnotic818xx   Rite!? Fuckin everyones over 18 and acting like they are 10.
p4rkwaydrive   Sorry to see you go man. But since I'm a leader now ill be doing my best to stop the drama
xxHypnotic818xx   Hopefully^
xxHypnotic818xx   Is Borderlands 2 worth it?
iiTHEiiDOCii   I hear it is. Haven't played it though.
DistilledBullet   If you enjoyed the first one yes. If you enjoy single player/co-op play versus progressively harder monsters, yes. That and the villain in it is one of the most memorable ever.
xxHypnotic818xx   Alrite I'll get it :) Probably part 1 also :d
xxHypnotic818xx   Out until I pick up a new PS3. My dad is gonna buy a backwards compatible one soon! ;D
iiTHEiiDOCii   Here ya go, bud.
Link Description
xxHypnotic818xx   I love you lol(No Homo). Thnx bro!
xxHypnotic818xx   Happy Thanksgivin broskis! My PS3 will be down till mid next week. Parts are ordered and will be comin in than. SO don't boot me!!
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xxHypnotic818xx   First match Rookdown, MaxxieMan and IMENDLA(Or something haha) And I got this! Was pretty stoked LOL.
Blops 2 - Random Combat Knife on Carrier
Just a cross the map Combat Knife I got and decided I would ...
xxHypnotic818xx   Was up Falcon! I thought you disappeared lol
p4rkwaydrive   Hiiii
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xxHypnotic818xx   Sup dub LOL
p4rkwaydrive   Lol welcome back
xxHypnotic818xx   Thnx Dub. Its good to be back. Got a real CoD to play instead of shitwarfare :p
xxHypnotic818xx   Thanks Mags for letting me in! :)
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ThatColaGuy   The big boy is back!
xxHypnotic818xx   Hahah chaa!
hermy80   Welcome back buddy!!!
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xxHypnotic818xx   Thnx Hermy!
xxHypnotic818xx   Holy fuck LOL. Played Blops 2 already on my 360(modded). Blops 2 is fukin epic haha! ;DD
xxHypnotic818xx   Haha. Its legit af bro.
ThatColaGuy   Fuck u Hypno!
xxHypnotic818xx   Haha :p
xxHypnotic818xx   OMG!! :d Zombies looks hella dope! Plus A7X has got the first song dam. Zombies is gonna sic! It looks like its a world tour of zombie citys ;)
Zombies Reveal Trailer - Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 ...
The carnage is back. Welcome to Black Ops 2 Zombies. Pre-ord...
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Bass   Its because th zombies always go for the black guy first lol
Bass   And omfg is that a custom zombies riot sheild :o
xxHypnotic818xx   It is bass :d
xxHypnotic818xx   Omg if this is true!!! I think it is bc it was posted on FB on Blops official page :d :d :d
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xxHypnotic818xx   Lol wierdo. Who hates zombies :l
Bass   Prepare to camp your ass off from the undead
xxHypnotic818xx   I kno rite Bass. If I get this job gonna preorder it muhahaha lol.
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