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jimbo2112   something about me.... I GOT MY 1ST CAR!!!!!! it is a 1983 280ZX yes it is old but lots of power under the hood!!!!!! :d :d :d and i talk the person down to 750 and not 1500!! :d.. it have a dash broad wire problem but im fixing it and almost done!!! IT IS SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

something about minecraft... sorry i was got for a long time i have lots of stuff to do and yeah... but im here now and going to be seeing more of me!!!!! so if you need help with anything.. i mean anything ask!!!!!!! and ill try my best to help!!!!!! and if i cant... ill send you to someone that can help!!!!! :p

something weird.... did you no when you spell the word "minecraft" on the computer it says its missed spelled.. it tries to make it say "mine-craft" or "mine craft".. but it is "minecraft".... i think notch should make that a really word!!! (what do you think.. should he?? yes or no)
jimbo2112   .... im new... would like to help
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