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Mr Zeon Flag(iTz Ryuko Matoi)
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iTz Ryuko Matoi
The Elder Scrolls Online
Mr Zeon Flag(iTz Ryuko Matoi)   So putting this out I quitting cod ghost. My main game is bf4 so dhg if we get a squad for bf4 let me know..
also I trying to beat ac4 black flag
Mr Zeon Flag(iTz Ryuko Matoi)   I feel upset with AC4bf new dlc... too hard I like ship combat not the avcom section u got to do in it.
Mr Zeon Flag(iTz Ryuko Matoi)   XBOX ONE
BF4 Pros--- Multiplayer good, Choice of weapon is best, 32 vs 32 plus two commanders and 4 watching is nice, choice of bunch of modes to play such as deathmatch, ctf, domination, bomb type conquest, serch and destory, rush, conquest, squad death match is a ffa but with team vs other teams, upcoming air combat is coming soon and navy combat is coming soon with next map pack after china..... A Note if you blow up the house and there a enemy inside the house he dies from stuff crushing him to death... CONS
Lack of players, lack of mic commucation, lack of servers choice, no own private matches yelt, a tank can run u over, i dead object comes flying out no where and kill u but that a pro.

Pros Private match, many many modes for mutlplayer, CONS Got to earn chips like money from previous cod, less guns, 4 machine guns in the game and 3 decent machine guns no 240, no 249 saw no m60 machine gun, game moves to fast, u can get shot threw the wall and the wall doesn;t wall down. So

I think BF4 where win due to better gameplay such as 32 vs 32 unlike cods 9vs 9 max it can handle.... IT seem like ghost one was a copy of 360 verison. bf4 verison on the one is much better compare to 360 verison as it got amp from being a 12 vs 12 to a 32 vs 32 now.... So if you havn't got bf4 BUY Battlefield becuase it double xp weekend thank to dice saying we sorry here free double xp weekend enjoy... plus add the affects of boost you get from battle chest....
DHG Canes   Found you
Mr Zeon Flag(iTz Ryuko Matoi)   hey now if we can get some work in on new division for one done soon... I trying to get life put into bf4 squad... I feel like it possible with fact there so many servers not being use we could use for game nights on....
Mr Zeon Flag(iTz Ryuko Matoi)   ok I thinking of changing my name. DHG and my theme is somthing from gundam is going to be the name. Somthing flashy, somthing powerfull that speak fear into my enemy.
is a list my name ideas
DHG Master Asia DHG Itz Red Comet DHG Sieg Zeon DHG Gundam Flag DHG Mr Zeon FLAG DHG Darth Nappa DHG SailorNappa DHG elitestorm here are the names i should decide by next paycheck
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DHG DeathKnight   You change your gt alot my friend. I would say why change it? But i do like the ring of DHG Darth Nappa.
Mr Zeon Flag(iTz Ryuko Matoi)   yea current now in debate is DHG Mr. Zeon Flag/ DHG Darth Nappa/ DHG Itz Red Comet/ DHG MASTER ASIA ---- aka the undeafted of the east.
Mr Zeon Flag(iTz Ryuko Matoi)   but a funny story every gt i had on live most players can;t say it right....
DHG GravMan3   Welcome to DHG INC
Mr Zeon Flag(iTz Ryuko Matoi)   Thanks
AAG KC BIGDADDY   Happy Birthday
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