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Cuntmobile   I'm gonna go watch The Walking Dead now... and eat ice cream. yesss Ice cream. mmmnnsss
3ternitywithyou   You're alive! Haha.. haven't seen you in forever.
Cuntmobile   yee! i've been playing on skyblock :x
DapperDan612   is there a way you could get a few people to post on the forums to protest? I mean, I don't think there is even a rule about no chests in the nether. this whole thing is dumb.
Cuntmobile   The only thing i could tell you is to post a ban appeal and talk to the owners about it..
Cuntmobile   ok, apparently the rule is no chest SHOPS by players, but, I don't see where that is posted either, at least not clearly. I checked the signs on the skyblock server, and the rule list here on the forums and theres no reference to it as far as I can tell, either that or I'm missing it. So, like i said, all I can say is to speak to the owners/staff about this and try to work something out. Ask to be shown EXACTLY where it is stated.
DapperDan612   well, i guess me and a bunch of other people got banned for putting chests in the nether? I apparently that's a rule. no chests in the nether.
Cuntmobile   ...the shops? holy cow i had no idea.
Cuntmobile   DUNDUN
Nismo6921   Welcome back! :)
Cuntmobile   I'm baaaaaaaaackkk.
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Narrr   yay<3
Evman2011   Hope to see you again some time mrs cunt :)
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3ternitywithyou   Not seeing your name in chat and not seeing people whine about it makes me sad :'(
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holyshitmuffins   We all miss you ~Cunt
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Cuntmobile   Hi guys, I don't know who pays attention to this really anymore, since I haven't been around really at all. However, this is a reason for Sexymobile and I's absence. Not only have we started work again, and we work about 60 hours a week now, but... we went through a miscarriage as well, and now we're car-less so.... we've just had a really bad past couple of months, and we're really sorry. We hope to be able to come back soon and spend a lot more time on SR. Best wishes to everyone <3
Plebs   That's awful ;[ Take all the time you need, don't worry about SR, just make sure you're both alright first. Hope it gets better soon lovelies.
SandsOfTime404   no need to apologize. best of luck to the both of you, and hopefully you'll be back to SR soon :d
Narrr   Hope everything gets better soon): miss you <33
Cuntmobile   Aww it seems I have also become victim of the butthurt child downvoting everyone's posts. However, to whoever it is, regardless of your ridiculous downvoting spree (which is only possible because you can view posts by members using the posts tab, not to mention you didnt even get all of mine) I'm still going to be more well liked than you, and I'm a cunt. Sucks to be you.
ipodopi1   im also getting downvotes
Riektas   Lol, well cunt, to figure out who it is, just think about who you pissed off recently.
Cuntmobile   You can tell a lot about a woman by the placement of her hands. For instance, if they're around your throat, she's probably slightly angry.
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3ternitywithyou   Server needs to go down again for a day so we can party it up in chat again. Good times, good times.
Cuntmobile   People should thank their lucky stars that not everything I wish for comes true.
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Cuntmobile   for the love of god.
DedMan97   LOL Riek
3ternitywithyou   Was going to post something sarcastic but Riek's is way better lol.
Cuntmobile   Is it bad I check the SR forums more than I check my facebook?
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SandsOfTime404   I hope not, I do the same :s
☯ Magyckmage25 ☯   Ummm
I check it about 10x more often :p
Jesaarl   What's this Facebook you speak of?
Cuntmobile   I have never faked a Sarcasm in my life.
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