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  • Epic Guild Wars 2 Guild Websites

    Built from the ground up to be a premier content management system designed specifically for Guild Wars 2 guilds & gaming communities. Highly sophisticated, customizable and easy to use.

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    Enjin was voted best guild management website by PC GAMER in their guild hosting round-up. View features list

  • Full featured forums

    Your GW2 guild will love it. Top-of-the-line, feature rich, robust and fast. It's fully integrated with your website for easy management and customization.

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  • Character imports and sync

    Character support is available for GW2. Enjin features deep and updated character support for Guild Wars 2.

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    Get character and guild data automatically. Import your entire roster with automatic data feeds and synchronsation. (Coming soon!)

  • Free Mumble voice servers

    Our premium plans include FREE Mumble voice servers. Fully integrated with your site's users. Choose from multiple location in the US/EU regions.

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    Our network and servers are purpose built and optimized for voice traffic, this means crystal clear, lag free communitication with your GW2 guild mates.

  • Guild Wars 2 signature generator

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    Featuring tons of features & styles. Generate GW2 signature

  • Stunning Customizable themes

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  • GW2 specific features

    Advanced recruitment module for GW2 is now available. We are in the process of developing many more modules & features for Guild Wars 2.

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    Enjin provides Guild Wars 2 guilds the most flexible, powerful & feature rich tools to create incredible GW2 communities. View features list

  • Plan raids & manage guild events

    Dynamically view and manage events in a variety of ways. Create recurring events with finer controls. User & role signups with status updates and custom character/roles is included.

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