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Your home for all things Star Citizen! Our mission is to bring the 'verse to life by creating, curating, aggregating, and publishing timely updates, quality analysis, and the best original thinking on Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium Games, and the community that has grown up around them. is a website that lets content creators in Minecraft advertise their projects to users looking for new content. This include PC and PE servers, videos and Minecraft worlds.
Toparkservers is the #1 ARK:Survival Evolved server ranking site where you can vote, comment, view current players and check server stats for just about every ARK server that exists. We also provide community tools, ARK news, ARK guides and much more.
The Best Damn Star Citizen Community. Need we say more? Fun podcasts. Friendly community. No requirements and no commitment!
PvP Reborn is the FFXIV PvP community website to discuss strategy, make new friends, and learn from each other.
Help you Find Minecraft Mods and free download. Skins, Maps, Resource Packs for Minecraft .
The Shaft, a minecraft podcast is brought to you by the Dead Workers Party. Bringing you all the news about Minecraft & Interviews with over 100 Minecraft personalities, such as Notch, CaptainSparklez, Yogscast and Seananners.
Community based around the best mods for Minecraft, wrapped up in an easy-to-use Launcher.
ServerMiner consists of high quality servers, excellent support and affordable prices. You also get a FREE Mumble voice server, Enjin website and custom domain!
PayGol is a mobile payment platform which can be used in any android, web app. or your favorite game. Paygol allows payments to be made through SMS, or call and supports over 78 countries, 27 different languages and 44 different currencies.
MinePick is a website where you can either find a server to play on or add your own server to the listing. Our main goal is to give you an easy way to find fun Minecraft servers to play on.
Minecraft Multiplayer is a Minecraft server list. Its goal is to provide an efficient way for players to find a server that suits their needs and also for servers owners to get more players on their servers.
Spout is an open-source voxel game platform and community. Also known for Spoutcraft (a modified Minecraft client) and the Spout plugin API for Bukkit.
Providing premium minecraft servers for a low cost. MCProHosting strives to provide top notch quality servers and support, so you can spend less time fixing your server and more time playing.
FraggedNation is a social, competitive gaming community focused on providing a fair and fun location for competing. For Gamers; by Gamers - The leagues are all yours, we just do the paperwork!
MPServ is a multiplayer server hosting company, dedicated to delivering you high performance servers with minimal downtime. We currently host Minecraft, GTA/MTA servers!
World of Minecraft or formally known as WoM is a custom server created to stop griefing and to permit user to use special commands that were once denied to them in normal Minecraft.
Download the best and beautiful Minecraft Texture Packs. All textures on this site are sorted by resolution, popularity and category. Easy to find what you want!
Download beautiful Texture Packs for Minecraft, sorted in categories. All Resource Packs are reviewed with german articles. What are you waiting for? Find what you need today!
World of Podcasts incorporates podcasters, content creators & gaming personalities to create unique in-person & digital events for an interactive experience unlike any other for the gaming community.
In development by Gilded Games, the Aether II is an extensive mod for Minecraft which implements a remarkable world in the skies. Adventure, danger, and mystery awaits in the depths of the Aether.
Full time streamer. Part time Genius. Sometimes funny.